A Letter From Our Head of School

"Ask the questions that have no answers.
Invest in the millennium. Plant sequoias.
Say that your main crop is the forest
that you did not plant,
that you will not live to harvest."

-Wendell Berry
The work of education is a long-term investment. At Midway Covenant Christian School, we strive to nurture Christian virtue by teaching the students biblical truth about God’s word and world. We are committed to education because we believe that the young students we teach today will grow up to be the strong sequoias of our Christian community in the future. As educators we work diligently to cultivate a strong foundation on which our students can grow, sustain, and dream. The classical style of learning at Midway is unique because our goal in not to simply pour knowledge into our students as if they were containers, but to give our students the tools of learning so that they can exercise their full humanity as God’s image-bearers. This vision of education instills hope in students, educators, and families because it expects much out of the future generation and gives them the tools to accomplish their goals. We know that our current students are capable of changing the world and increasing the knowledge of God’s glory in our communities. To develop these tools of learning Midway Covenant Christian School provides an educational environment that is Christian, classical, and covenantal.

Our Christian faith saturates all that we do at Midway. Our curriculum, our instruction in virtue, and our communication are all intentionally rooted in biblical standards. Prayer is encouraged and expected in our classes, but our Christian curriculum is much more than a prayerful introduction to our lessons. Every teacher is required to explain how their Christian faith is foundational to the lessons that they are teaching. In History, students see God’s hand of providence. In Science, the students explore God’s handiwork. In Math, students develop a strong hope in the God of order. And in their Language classes, the students will develop the skills necessary to communicate a deep appreciation for God’s beauty.

The classical style of education is the best method available for educators to cultivate this type of long-view, hopeful learning that is at the heart of a Midway education. Classical Christian education recognize that faith in God is necessary for rightly understanding the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. It is only by beginning from the foundation of God’s revelation that students can develop the discernment necessary for reading the compass of knowledge. In the classical system of education, the goal is not to simply learn facts, but to direct this knowledge to godly ends that manifest God’s Truth, the Goodness in Christian communities, and the Beauty of a life well-lived. Classical education provides direction by giving students the grammatical building blocks of each subject, teaching students to understand logically how all the subjects are tied together through God’s works, and to share the beauty of this interlaced knot through the principles of rhetoric.

A final important aspect of our educational methodology at Midway is our covenantal education. At Midway Covenant Christian School, at least one parent of every child is expected to be a confessing believer who is actively involved in their church community. This commitment among our families assures that our curriculum, standards of virtue, and values have a shared foundation in the Word of God. This shared commitment is extremely valuable in developing clarity in communication and consistency in our vision. Covenantal education recognizes that the family plays a key role education. The biblical values that our families teach at home are expected to be reinforced and understood more deeply as they are nurtured in the environment of Midway Covenant Christian School.

Rightly understanding the educational goals of Midway Covenant Christian School requires an understanding of these three commitments. We are Christian, classical, and covenantal in all that we do. As you read more about our school, our prayer is that you will share our hope in the future as we see the promises of God realized in the education of our children. If you are interested in learning more about how this educational philosophy will work with your family, I invite you to come in for a visit. A school tour is the best way to see our teachers in action, to learn about our curriculum, and to experience our environment. Please explore more of our website and give us a call to set up a tour.