Administration and School Committee


Dr. Matthew Ross

Head of School
Dr. Matthew Ross has worked at Midway Covenant Christian School since 2010. He has worked as a teacher, Dean of Students, Principal, and the Head of School. He holds a degree in history, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctorate on Education. He delights in working with students and assisting them as they grow in intelligence, wisdom, and virtue. He believes that a classical Christian model of education provides the best possible way to teach students to be life-long learners. This model of education instills curiosity in students about God’s creation and gives them the tools to explore the depths of their questioning minds. He is married to Jamie Ross. Together they have three children, Mac, Cici, and Charlie. When he is not working at the school, he loves spending time with his family, hiking, and traveling. Dr. Ross is always willing to talk about what he is reading, and he enjoys the opportunities he gets to play guitar or make music with friends. He has been a member of Midway Presbyterian Church since 2005.

Mrs. Shari Purdue

Dean of Students
Mrs. Shari Purdue is the Dean of Students at MCCS. She has served the school since 2007. She has worn many hats in that time, including receptionist, bookkeeper, teacher, tutor, and technology coordinator. She has served as the Dean of Students since 2021. Shari holds undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, Finance, and Marketing, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education Administration. She has been married to her wonderful husband, Jason, since 1995. Together they have three children, Allison, Brandon, and Caden. As Dean of Students, she feels blessed to work with the amazing students of MCCS every day. She gets to plan activities, reward virtuous behavior, and help instill biblical principles of discipline in their daily lives.

School Committee

Ken Dewhurst, Chairman
Jimmy Cooper
Carol DeMar
Michael DeWalt
Julie Hagan
David Jackson
Shelley Remington