Affording MCCS

Midway Covenant Christian School seeks to provide the highest quality of education at the most affordable price in West Cobb. Our goal is to keep our standard tuition rates affordable for most families. However, we also recognize that every family situation is unique, and we are able to make some scholarships available at Midway to families in need of financial assistance. If you are interested in financial assistance at Midway, please schedule a tour of the school and meet with our Head of School prior to filling out FACTS Grant & Aid application.

To help our families, Midway Covenant Christian School provides financial discounts for siblings of current students, members of Midway Presbyterian Church, and children of full-time ministers. In addition to these discounts, we also have funds designated for financial assistance through our Student Scholarship Organization and general fund.

Each year the Financial Aid Committee will review the applications that we have received through FACTS Grant & Aid. MCCS has chosen to use FACTS to review our applications to ensure that the review process is done as fairly as possible. FACTS is a third-party organization that will review each application objectively and confidentially to assess financial need. The Financial Aid Committee will then use the information provided by FACTS to award financial assistance.

If you are requesting financial assistance, you should fill out an application with FACTS once your taxes have been filed. An application fee of $35 is paid by the applicant. This fee can be paid with a credit card or debit card. The FACTS recommendations are then sent directly to Midway and financial assistance is calculated based on determined needs and the amount of funds available for distribution.

To begin an application for financial assistance, please complete the application for student enrollment and then complete the application for FACTS Grant & Aid.