Frequently Asked Questions

What is your teacher to student ratio?

In the elementary school, our maximum class size is 18 students. In the middle school, our maximum class size is 16 students.

What are the distinctives of a Midway Education?

A Midway education provides classical Christian education in a covenantal community. This program of education is unique because it focuses on the tools of learning not just the content of learning. We strive to develop life-long learners by engaging our students in active forms of learning.

How can parents get involved?

Parent involvement is integral covenantal education. Parents are invited to be classroom readers, attend field trips, attend athletic events, and support the educational work of Midway. It is particularly important that parents understand what is going on in the classroom and reinforce material with their children. This includes things as reading with them and supporting their classroom activities.

How can I learn more about the school?

After you’ve check out our website, please give us a call. We give regular tours of the school. An administrator will be happy to talk to you and explain our curriculum and educational philosophy.

What are the school hours?

The elementary school day is from 8:30-3:00. Middle school is from 8:30-3:15.

Does Midway Covenant Christian School have a uniform?

Yes, MCCS has a school uniform. There are multiple options within our uniform. These options are described in the school handbook.

How much homework might we expect at Midway?

The elementary school day is from At MCCS our goal is to have about 10 minutes of homework per grade level. For example, a 3rd grade student might have approximately 30 minutes of homework while a middle school student might have between 60-90 minutes.
8:30-3:00. Middle school is from 8:30-3:15.

What is the significance of the House names?

Our school is divided into four houses: Justice, Fortitude, Prudence, and Temperance. These names are chosen from the four cardinal virtues of classical culture. These four virtues are evidenced in the Bible and early Christian communities used them when they developed systems for describing a virtuous life.

Is Midway Covenant Christian School accredited?

Yes, MCCS is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).