Expected Student Outcomes


  • All graduates of MCCS are expected to be skilled readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.
  • Understand the basic outline of Scripture, be able to describe the supremacy of Christ in the Old and New Testaments, and recall selected Scripture from memory.
  • Be proficient in math and science.
  • Be able to explain the significance of historical peoples, events, and cultural changes.
  • Appreciate Literature and the Arts and understand how these tools shape beliefs and culture.
  • Be able to responsibly use technology as an educational tool.
  • Be able to think critically, solve problems, and make wise decisions.
  • Develop a commitment to a lifetime of increased learning.


  • All graduates of MCCS are expected to be able to apply spiritual truths to life in ways that grow holiness.
  • Commit to developing a personal relationship with God through Christ that is empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Desire to read and apply God’s Word to daily life.
  • Demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in wise decision-making.
  • Be actively involved in a local church.
  • Develop a heart for the Great Commission and share the gospel in word and deed with others.


  • All graduates of MCCS are expected to value their community by demonstrating service to others.
  • Practice justice, mercy, and humility in relationships.
  • Commit to serving others through beneficial work.
  • Relate to others with integrity.


  • All graduates of MCCS are expected to use the resources of time, property, and wealth as stewards under God’s authority.
  • Value the dignity and worth of all people.
  • Appreciate the created world and practice responsible care for the environment.
  • Commit to the maintenance and development of personal health.