Clubs to join at Midway

Beta Club

This is a service club that teaches students aspects of student leadership as well as encourages community involvement through service.


This is an acronym for Serving and Learning Together. It is a group of middle school students who meet weekly to study the Bible and encourage staff and students in the school.

Lion to Lion

This is a tutoring club that meets in the morning. In this club middle school students assist elementary students in their math and grammar assignments. This club aims to create a culture that values learning as well as respect and friendship across grade levels.

Fun Run Club

This is a group of 1st through 4th graders who meet weekly to set goals and run together. In this club students find fun and creative ways to achieve their goals through games and competitions. As the students reach benchmarks they are presented with awards. 

Drama Club

This club meets every Wednesday and works on improving their skills in dramatic presentation. They perform a play twice a year.


Midway Choir rehearses weekly and performs twice a year during our assemblies.