Classical Christian education recognizes that true Beauty finds its origins in God.

In light of this fact, art is an important part of the curriculum and culture of Midway Covenant Christian School. All students have at least two classes of music and one art class every week.

The music program teaches students the basics of music literacy. They learn concepts of rhythm, melody, and harmony using the solfege method. In the music class students will be exposed to some instrumentation using simple wind instruments,  orff instruments, and guitar. In the 5th grade year, students have the option of choosing band or continuing with the music appreciation course.
Art is also an important part of the curriculum at Midway. In the art classes, students learn the basic components or art such as line, shape, texture, form, space, color, and value. These classes are intentionally designed to supplement the history and literature curriculum at MCCS. It is expected in art that the students will study artistic content and styles that correspond to the lessons that are learning in history.

In addition to these classes, Midway also has two annual artistic competitions that receive recognition through perpetual awards stored in the library. These awards are called the Forma Award and the Bard Award.

The Forma Award

The Bard Award

The Forma Award is given annually to the winner of art competition. This competition allows all students to create original work that is presented in the library. A panel of judges will examine the art and determine grade level winners as well as an overall winner. The overall winner will receive the Forma Award while other participants and winners will receive additional house points.
The Bard Award is given annually to the winner of our recitation competition. During fine arts week at the school one of our assemblies is dedicated to recitation. The students choose a poem, selection of literature, or a historical speech to memorize and recite to the assembly. The recitations are judged by panel based on accuracy as well as vocal, dramatic, and physical aspects of their delivery.